Company Overview

Established in 2011, FilmNC Capital Management, LLC is designed to harness the power of the film industry in North Carolina and the broader United States. It has a predominant goal. That goal is to put its "Producer" imprimatur on expertly produced, award-caliber films of taste and originality. To achieve this end, FilmNC unites investment capital and other finance structures with film production.

With an impressive resume in filmmaking, North Carolina is one of the most respected production locations outside California and has state-of-the-art film studios that include EUE/Screen Gems Studios in Wilmington – one of the largest and most complete major motion picture studios east of Los Angeles. Complementing these infrastructure assets, highly experienced film production crews are at-the-ready in the state. From a scenic perspective, North Carolina’s diverse and exquisitely painted geographic palette ‒ “from Murphy to Manteo” ‒ provides a landscape that can duplicate almost any outdoor location in the world.

The film industry is an enviable beneficiary of prevailing paradigm shifts in commerce as highly evolved production technologies and streamlined film distribution converge to offer unprecedented business opportunities. Carefully curated film projects can provide an attractive destination for both individual and institutional investors, with the potential benefit of long-term residual revenue streams.

Film production is on an unprecedented rise, as in today’s environment, more and more people settle in front of home television screens for entertainment. They enjoy new film releases on cable channels and streaming platforms, such as Netflix, HULU, and Amazon’s Prime Video ‒ content that was once reserved for premier viewing only at movie theatres. Both the investment community and the Tar Heel state are well-situated to dine on these newly presented commercial opportunities ‒ and FilmNC endeavors to host that banquet.